9 medals for the national taekwondo team in the international league approved for Qatar

The Moroccan national taekwondo team won the G1 International Taekwondo League, whose activities were held in the city of Doha, Qatar, during the period between October 21 and 23, 2023, with 9 medals distributed as follows: 4 gold and 5 silver.

The gold medals were won by:
•The champion, Omaima Al-Boushti, weighs less than 53 kg
• The champion, Maryam Khulal, weighs less than 62 kg
•The champion, Haitham Al-Zaghouti, weighs less than 74 kg
• The champion, Sufyan Al-Nasabi, weighed less than 87 kg

As for the silver medals, they went to:
• The champion, Sakina Al-Sahib, weighs less than 49 kg
• The champion, Safia Saleh, weighs less than 67 kg
• The champion Hatem Benrahho weighed less than 54 kg
• The champion is Youssef Baatris, in the weight of less than 80 kg
• The hero, Ayoub Al-Basil, weighed more than 87 kg.

While champion Fatima Bensaïd settled for the quarter-finals of the weight category less than 49 kg.

It should be noted that the national team ranked first in the female category, second place in the male category, and first place in the overall standings according to the male and female teams.

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