A fan of the Royal Army team died after being “assaulted” by the Tunisian police

Heba Press – Rabat

A fan of the Royal Army team breathed his last on Friday morning, after being subjected to an “assault” by the Tunisian police.

The Moroccan fan called “Imad” died after suffering a severe blow to the head, which resulted in internal bleeding. He was admitted to the hospital since last Saturday.

Al-Hulk was subjected to an attack described by the supporters of the military club as “barbaric” by the Tunisian police during the match that brought together the Royal Army and its counterpart, Etoile du Sahel of Tunisia, in the city of Sousse for the first leg of the second preliminary round of the African Champions League.

In addition, supporters of the Royal Army team called on the Moroccan authorities to intervene with their Tunisian counterpart to take away the rights of their friend and hold those involved accountable.

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