A journalist in “France Football” acknowledges the injustice of Yacine Bounou in the “Yachine Award”

Thomas Simon, a journalist in the French magazine “France Football”, came out with an exciting statement about depriving Moroccan international Yacine Bounou, the Saudi Al Hilal goalkeeper, of the “Yachine” award for the best goalkeeper in the world.

Simon said in statements reported by the Saudi Al-Riyadiya newspaper: “We do not know why Bono did not win the best goalkeeper award, after it was given to Argentinian Emiliano Martinez.”

He added: “What happened is that voting depends on the journalists themselves to determine who will win the Golden Ball and the rest of the awards, and their choice of the best goalkeeper award was strange to me.”

It is known that Yassine Bounou ranked 13th in the ranking of the best player in the world, while he came in third in the ranking of the best goalkeeper in the world, noting that the award went to Argentine Emiliano Martinez, who is ranked 15th in the ranking of the best players.

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