A Moroccan journalist in Qatar silences Al-Darraji after his malicious blog post regarding the World Cup

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In a sophisticated style and with words that express the chivalry, authenticity and sophistication of Moroccans, without insulting or defaming, without personally attacking or belittling the value of those who offended, the great Moroccan journalist spoke out on one of the Gulf channels to respond to the so-called Hafid Darraji, the mouthpiece of the Algerian military regime, who… It seems that he did not sleep last night after hearing the news about King Mohammed VI’s wedding to his loyal people and to the whole world.

In this regard, the famous journalist, Muhammad Amour, wrote a blog post in which he explained, with simplified notes and simplified simplification, what the so-called Darraji was unable to understand, or rather what was not appreciated by those who gave the ora to the flies, led by the owner of “Al-Kala.”

The blog post of the Moroccan journalist stated the following: “The matches that will be hosted by the South American continent are three, including a fourth in Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay, and not among them is the opening match, a line (underneath it is a thousand lines), but rather a major celebration in commemoration of the centenary of the World Cup.”

Amour added: “This is a symbolic gesture from FIFA accepted by the members of the Ibero-Moroccan tripartite file in honor of the birthplace of the World Cup, and FIFA was not in trouble nor were they sad.”

He added: “Whoever has an ounce of intelligence will not find it difficult to reach a simple conclusion: If the three South American countries had the slightest chance in the competition, why would they accept a symbolic match for each of them?”

He also explained: “Another necessary reminder: Spain and Portugal are the ones who asked Morocco to strengthen their common file, not the other way around. We in Morocco have a great ambition to host the largest possible number of matches and the largest possible number of important matches, and as I previously said, hosting the opening and semi-finals is an ambition.” “It is a project, but it is the least that can be accepted.”

Ibn al-Maghrib, who enjoys great respect in the media field, concluded by saying: “Praise be to God for his countless blessings.”

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