Adam Azno responds with a strong message to his exclusion from the Moroccan national team roster

Adam Azno, the German Bayern Munich player, responded with a strong message to the decision to exclude him from the Moroccan national team’s roster for the U-17 World Cup.

Azno wrote in a message posted on his Instagram account: “I will not participate in the U-17 World Cup with the Moroccan national team. The coach has other plans and this does not depend on me.”

He added: “I deny the allegations related to sporting issues or bad behavior. I really wanted to participate in the World Cup, but I did not have this opportunity.”

He continued: “I am disappointed by this decision, but I respect it, and I wish success to my colleagues, and always to Morocco.”

It is known that national voter Said Chiba had surprised the Moroccan fans by excluding Adam Azno, a Bayern Munich player, from the national team’s roster for under-17 years participating in the World Cup for this category, for unknown reasons.

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