After the kiss scandal… Tomé was appointed as the first coach of the Spanish women’s national team

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The Spanish Football Federation decided on Tuesday to appoint Montse Tomé as the first-ever coach of the women’s national team, after the dismissal of former coach Jorge Villeda from his position despite his leadership of “La Roja” to win the Women’s World Cup.

The Spanish Federation said in a statement that Tomé had worked as an assistant to coach Velda since 2018 and “proved herself and played a prominent role in the development of the national team.”

Tomé’s appointment came after the famous kiss incident from suspended Spanish Federation President Luis Rubiales to midfielder Ginni Hermoso, which sparked widespread uproar and objection in Spain and within the world of football.

Earlier today, Tuesday, the new board of directors of the Spanish Football Federation terminated Velda’s contract as coach of the national team that won the Women’s World Cup, ten days after FIFA decided to suspend Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Federation, due to the kiss scandal.

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