“Al-Daraji” dances swaying: I am afraid that the World Cup will lose its flavour

Muhammad Manfaluti_Heba Press

In his outing, the least that can be said about it is that it is a dance of a slaughtered rooster, or of a man who has lost control over himself, or of a man who has become narrowed to the earth with all its spaciousness, or of a man who has been chanting for years in the language of “the cabranas,” to no avail and without achieving what he wanted, and perhaps the man went out. Empty-handed from this fight, and it became a heavy burden on those blessed with him, so he chose for himself once again to address the people through his Facebook page through a video in which he drips wax on “Qatar” and its organization of the previous World Cup, which was truly an organization and nothing more wonderful, according to honorable experts and analysts, not like you as a “trumpet.” A mercenary,” but the man apparently tried to get ahead of the events and tell the football fans that the atmosphere of that World Cup will not be repeated and that football fans will not taste the spectacle after it… How strange!!

At a time when the man should have been happy, chirping, and flying with joy, over the world’s choice of the country “Morocco,” which is side by side with large countries the size of Spain and Portugal, to be at the head of the countries hosting the 2030 World Cup, as an Arab and Maghreb country and brother to the people of Algeria, the man chose the logic of intimidation and intimidation. And praying for failure, as he said: “I do not think that the World Cup that Qatar organized alone will be repeated… Today we are facing World Cups organized by more than one country, and this will make this global demonstration lose its luster, taste and credibility.” This is what the man said..

Strange is the matter of this man, who said: “I am afraid that the world will lose the flavor of the World Cup that it tasted in the World Cup in Qatar,” as if the man had turned into a “messiah” or an astrologer who, according to his claim, predicts the outcome of events and what the future hides… The man’s argument here is in doubling the number of teams participating in the World Cups. Which may have reached 48 teams, meaning about 104 matches, and this, in Darraji’s belief, is a difficult number for one country to organize, no matter how strong it is, and thus made FIFA choose the logic of tripartite organization… according to his claim…

But in return, the man fell into the trap of “contradiction.” How did he not express his fear when Qatar organized the World Cup in the same current format and with the same new FIFA laws?? What do you have if God prolongs your life and you are appointed as a commentator on the matches… How can you, in this case, allow yourself and what remains of your dignity to pronounce “the name of Morocco” and taste the taste of its national anthem?

It is natural for this dwarf to come out, and with him, many who think like him will break their silence, and they see and hear that Morocco is now having a thousand accounts, regionally and internationally, thanks to the wise policy that King Mohammed VI has pursued and is pursuing, may God protect him, the owner of outstretched hands, and he has affirmed in more than one Once upon a time, there was a need to open the borders and strengthen the bridges of brotherhood and love between the two brotherly peoples, but dwarves and dwarves like this “Al-Darraji” do not want the cord of friendship to extend, as much as they seek to maintain the status quo policy because it serves their agendas and revives their pockets from gas and oil revenues..

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