Al Haouz earthquake… West Ham Club announces fundraising for those affected

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West Ham United announced that it will collect donations during its match against Manchester City, on Saturday, in the English Premier League.

West Ham Club confirmed, in an official statement, that it will meet with the “Irons Foundation to Support Food Banks” (a non-profit charitable organization) to contribute to relief efforts and support Morocco, with the blessing of its defender Naif Akrad, in order to meet the immediate needs of those affected by the earthquake tragedy.

For his part, Nayef revealed, in a statement to the official website of West Ham, his gratitude and appreciation for this gesture of solidarity towards a number of those afflicted and affected by the violent earthquake, which continues to cast a shadow over its survivors.

He continued: “I am truly indebted to the club and Irons Food Banks for this remarkable humanitarian gesture.” Morocco and its people are going through a difficult stage due to the devastating earthquake. We are all concerned about this situation. We will do everything in our power to help the affected people in Morocco and alleviate their suffering, especially in the affected areas.”

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