Al-Kaabi’s presence and the absence of Ziyash .. Al-Rakraki reveals the list of “Atlas Lions”

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The national voter, Walid Regragui, announced this morning, Thursday, the list of players who were called up for the matches of Liberia in Agadir on the 9th of next September, and Burkina Faso on the 12th of the same month in Lens, France.

The list of Al-Rakraki called up for the next two matches knew new surprises.

The following is the list of the Moroccan national team:

Goalkeepers: Yassin Bono – Munir Al-Hajwi, Youssef Al-Mutie, Al-Mahdi Benabeed

Defense: Ashraf Hakimi- Naseer Mazrawi- Nayef Akrad- Roman Sayes, Jawad Al-Yamiq, Younis Abdel-Hamid, Abdel-Hamid Abqaar, Yahya Atiyatallah

Middle: Sufyan Amrabat, Ezzedine Onahi, Bilal Al-Khanous, Richarson, Salim Amlah, Jamal Bouchauri

Attack: Abd al-Samad al-Zalzouli, Amin Harith, Zakaria Abu Khalil, Amin Adly, Walid Shadira, Ayoub al-Kaabi, Youssef al-Nusairi, Abd al-Razzaq Hamdallah, Ibrahim Salah

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