Algeria avoids congratulating Morocco on organizing the 2030 World Cup

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Congratulations poured into Morocco from various brotherly and friendly countries, after the Kingdom gained the honor of organizing the 2030 World Cup finals alongside Spain and Portugal, in addition to Algeria, which is ruled by generals who issued instruments prohibiting congratulating their western neighbor, as their media mouthpieces like to call it.

The de facto ruling military regime in Algeria, and as soon as it was announced that Morocco had won the honor of organizing the 2030 World Cup finals in a joint file with the two northern neighbors (Spain and Portugal), set up inquisition courts that forbade all manifestations of congratulations to Morocco and regurgitated a doctrine of hostility deeply rooted in the minds of the “cabaranas” that reached the point of announcing the instrument of punishment in the face of Algeria. Every rebellious Algerian, regardless of his position, may be led by a feeling of “unfairness” to congratulate Morocco.

The shock of the Algerian military regime, which has always tried to create an image for its people that Morocco is an economically failed state, on the verge of collapse, and does not have a infrastructure. The International Federation of Football Associations decided to grant the honor of organizing a global football event to the Kingdom, which constitutes an implicit acknowledgment of Morocco’s capabilities and status among nations, which fueled the military’s hatred. Algeria relies on false talk diplomacy.

Morocco’s diplomatic and sporting victories ignited the military’s frenzy and increased the amount of hatred and historical hostility towards Algeria’s rulers, who are still imprisoned in the 1960s and an obsolete inherited psychology.

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