Algeria is begging for the dollar…and its donors are playing ball in Marrakesh

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Perhaps fate willed once again that the countries of the gas, along with their generals who abused diplomatic norms and the culture of good neighbourliness, would once again watch with pain, complaint and dissatisfaction as they watched on the world’s screens how the major donors of the World Bank, while they were in harmony with their new surroundings in Marrakesh, were even in harmony and comfort. He culminated in participating with Moroccan football stars, organizing a football match.

Perhaps fate intended for the country of gas to suffer a setback of a different kind, as it has long begged and begged the donors themselves to grant it a loan, perhaps as an argument with its people in the face of their demand for their share of the revenues from their heritage…
The policy of this country of gas, fate wanted to put it in isolation even in its regional surroundings, and it is the one that sang and played on the song of Arabism and the summit of reunification, so what did it do for that while it saw Gaza living under bombardment..

Before the announcement of the start of the World Cup activities in Morocco, Spain and Portugal in 2030, here in the country of Cabranas, and instead of raising the ceiling high and taking Morocco as a model for management, administration and tolerance, here they continue to unleash their paid trumpets to spread conflict and strife and divide the neighboring country Morocco, and spread discord between the two brotherly peoples. ..

Because football is the number one popular game in the world, and in the Arab region in particular, without dispute and by a wide margin, the city of Marrakesh, and with it the largest dollar donors in the largest global bank, witnessed an exceptional football ceremony by all standards, carrying in its symbolism that Morocco’s hosting of the 2030 World Cup is a correct decision. It did not come out of nowhere, but rather a decision recognized by major countries and approved by the largest donors to its World Bank.

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