An armed gang storms the house of Neymar’s girlfriend to kidnap his daughter

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Brazilian press reports stated that the family home of Bruna Biancardi, girlfriend of Brazilian star Neymar da Silva, striker of the Saudi Al Hilal football team, was subjected to an armed robbery during the early hours of Tuesday.

According to the Brazilian newspaper “R7”, three thieves – including two armed men – were searching for Biancardi and Neymar’s newborn daughter, “Mavi.” Neither of them was at home at the time of the robbery, nor was the Brazil and Al Hilal star.

But Biancardi’s parents were at the scene when the suspects entered the home, and websites reported that the couple was tied up in their home, but were not believed to have been injured from the attack.

After the thieves fled, the father of Neymar’s companion called the police, who in turn identified the car driven by one of the thieves. He was their 20-year-old neighbor. He was arrested and confessed to the crime he had committed, as he was driving a car owned by his father.

Investigations confirmed the theft of handbags, watches and valuable jewelry, but the surprise was that the gang was aiming for something bigger than that, which was to kidnap Neymar’s daughter.

The Civil Police published a video of the suspects who stormed the house of Bruna Biancardi (Neymar’s ex-girlfriend).

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