An unsporting shot that criticizes the Algerian national team coach, Belmadi

A. Latif Baraka: Heba Press

A shot of Jamal Belmadi, the coach of the Algerian national team, in a match against the Egyptian national team, caused some tension and nerves after he grabbed the Algerian national team player’s shirt tightly.

As soon as Benrahma was replaced by another player, Belmadi could not control his nerves, so he grabbed the shirt of the national team player he was supervising in the match between Algeria and the Egyptian national team.

A number of social media users considered this snapshot illogical and objectionable.

It is necessary to hold the Algerian coach accountable, who must give moral lessons to his players and have a close relationship with him.

This is not the first time that Belmadi has created controversy, as the coach is known for his nervousness and sometimes strong response on media platforms.

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