Anas Al-Jaber: Defending the rights of Palestinians does not mean belonging to the Hamas movement

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Tunisian tennis player Anas Al Jaber, ranked No. 2 in the world, wrote in a post on her Instagram page, in the story feature, that defending the Palestinians does not mean that you belong to the Hamas movement.

She added that when we say freedom for Palestine, we do not mean that we are anti-Semitic or against the cleansing of the Jews.

She continued, “Free Palestine means stop putting more than two million Palestinians in a large prison, half of which are children.”

She said that Palestine is free and the racial discrimination imposed by the Israeli government must end.

She concluded her post, which received interaction and admiration from millions of free people in the world, by saying that a free Palestine means allowing the Palestinians to control their country and rebuild it.

It is noteworthy that this blog by the player ranked No. 2 came directly after the brutal attack on a hospital in Gaza, which left 500 martyrs, and it is the second blog by the Tunisian player in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

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