Ashraf Al-Daghmi wins the final stage of the Tour of Burkina Faso

Today, Sunday, Moroccan cyclist Achraf Al-Daghmi won the tenth and final stage of the 34th Burkina Faso International Cycling Tour, while Burkinabe Paul Dumont was able to win the yellow jersey for this session.

Ashraf Al-Daghmi, who defeated Ivorian Abou Sanogo and Moroccan Adel Al-Arbaoui at the finish line, completed this stage of the circumambulation, which linked Saboni and Ouagadougou (103 km), in two hours, 19 minutes and 12 seconds, with an average speed of 44.439 km/hour.

Fourth place went to Moroccan Hussein Al-Sabahi.

Al-Daghmi won the fourth stage of this tour, and also ranked second during the sixth stage, which was won by Burkini Paul Dumont.

On Thursday, Moroccan cyclist Adel El Arbaoui won the seventh stage of the International Tour of Burkina Faso, which took place between Koudougou and Boromo, ahead of the Belgians Van de Mieroop Sam and Waters Rotje.

In addition to the national team that won a ticket to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games for the fourth time in a row, several national teams participated in this tour, namely Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, Niger, Ghana, Rwanda, Cameroon, Algeria, Guinea, and Togo, in addition to the national team of Belgium and Burkina Faso.

Defending the national colors in this continental sporting event, in addition to Ashraf Al-Daghmi, were Adel Al-Arbawi and Osama Khafi, who were ranked, respectively, third, fourth and tenth on the African level according to the latest ranking issued by (Africa Tour), along with Al-Hussein Al-Sabahi, Anwar Rahmo and Ibrahim. Al-Sabahi, led by the national leader Mohsen Lahsaini.

The participants in the circumambulation covered a total distance of 1,200 km, divided into ten stages, the shortest of which was the fifth stage between Tenkodogo and Zurgo (78 km), and the longest was the seventh stage between Kodogo and Borumu (153 km).

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