Balotelli: Moroccan Adel Taarabt is technically and skillfully better than Neymar

Heba Press – Agencies

Former Italian international striker Mario Balotelli made controversial statements while hosting the Italian “Vox to Box” podcast.

Balotelli confirmed during the interview that the Moroccan player Adel Taarabt, who is currently defending the UAE club Al-Nasr, is better in terms of technical and skill level than the Brazilian star Neymar, who is a professional at the Saudi club Al-Hilal.

The former Milan, Liverpool and Inter star explained: “For me, Taarabt is stronger than Neymar technically. Neymar is truly a phenomenon. He is very strong. We cannot compare them, of course, but if we only talk about the technical and skill aspect, Taarabt is better than Neymar.”

Before joining the Emirati club Al-Nassr in 2022, Taarabt, who is 34 years old, had previously starred in the ranks of prestigious clubs such as Tottenham, Queens Park Rangers, Milan, and Benfica, but the Moroccan star did not impose his name in the world of football due to his lack of discipline and fluctuation in his level.

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