Belmadi criticizes Algeria’s stadiums again: “I signed a contract with Alfaf as a coach, not a gardener.”

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The Algerian national team coach continued to expose the lies of his country’s media, which is selling to Algerians a false image of the reality of stadiums and sports facilities in their country, as he once again went out in a press conference to criticize Algeria’s stadiums.

Belmadi said in a press conference in Belmadi that he is extremely upset by some people’s demand for his permanent residence in Algeria, in order to find out everything big and small related to the first team, stressing that those who engage in these issues are targeting him personally, and in this regard, Belmadi said: “All the teams.” The big and strong ones work in a calm atmosphere far from problems and gossip, unlike our team, which has become targeted by some parties that try every time to fish in troubled waters. Otherwise, how can we explain its attacks on my person on every occasion to the point that it has begun to address topics that have nothing to do with it? In it, similar to my residency file in Algeria.”

The Algeria coach added: “This brings me to talk about what happened regarding the floors of Sidi Moussa in Algeria in the month of June and the middle of July and the month of August as well. I stood on floors that were in very bad condition. I was here before September, which prompted me to program my training elsewhere. What? Do you want me to sleep in the national team preparation center in Sidi Moussa? My contract is as a coach, not a gardener, and for this reason I cannot ensure the safety of the natural grass of the Sidi Moussa Center, whose floors I have nothing to do with deterioration.”

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