Burkina Faso Cycling Tour: The Moroccan team is at the top of the standings after Round 2

The national cycling team topped the overall standings of the 34th edition of the Tour of Bokina Faso, following the second stage, which took place yesterday, Saturday, between the cities of Norieda and Zinyari, over a distance of 107.2 km.

The Moroccan team leads the overall standings with a score of 18h, 14m and 4s, which is the same score as the Belgian team “Flanders”, which is in second place, while the Cameroonian team came in third, 23s behind the Moroccan team, and the Burkinabé team came fourth, 44s behind the leading team. .

Today, Moroccan cyclist Adel Al-Arbawi came in fourth place, covering the stage distance in a time of 2 hours, 25 minutes and 45 seconds, which is the same time achieved by the winner of the second stage, Burkinabe Paul Dumont, while Ibrahim Al-Sabahi came in fifth place with the same time, noting that Ibrahim won today the best rider’s shirt. A young man who leads the rankings for this category.

At the level of the individual general standings, Burkinabe Paul Dumont maintained the lead with a score of 6 minutes, 3 minutes and 57 seconds, 9 seconds ahead of Belgian Waters Rutger and 19 seconds ahead of Moroccan Hussein Al-Sabahi.

The national cycling team is represented in the 34th edition of the Tour of Burkina Faso by Ashraf Al-Daghmi, Adel Al-Arbawi and Osama Khafi, who are respectively ranked third, fourth and tenth on the African level according to the latest ranking issued by the International Federation of the Tour (Africa Tour), along with Hussein Al-Sabahi, Anwar Rahmo and Ibrahim. Al-Sabahi, led by the national team and former champion Mohsen Lahsaini.

The participants in the circumnavigation will cover a total distance of 1,200 km, divided into ten stages, the shortest of which is the fifth stage, linking Tenkodogo and Zurgo (78 km), and the longest, the seventh stage, which will connect Kodogo and Boromo (153 km).

The third stage will take place today, Sunday, in a closed orbit at a distance of 140 km (Ouagadougou – Ouagadougou).

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