Children die every day.” Anas Jaber breaks down crying in “Fouz’s interview.”

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Tunisian star Anas Jabeur said, while crying and very emotional, that she would donate part of her prize money at the final WTA professional tennis tournament, which was held in Cancun, Mexico, to the Palestinians, after she took revenge for her loss to Czech Marketa Vondrochova in the Wimbledon final on Wednesday, 6-4. And 6-3.

After achieving her first victory this week in the final tournament in Cancun after losing to American Coco Gauff in the first match, Jaber spoke while she was very emotional and shedding tears in the interview that took place on the field.

The only Arab player to reach the final of a Grand Slam said, “I am very happy to win, but I have not been happy recently.”

“The situation in the world does not make me happy,” Jaber added as she broke down in tears, before she could control herself enough to talk about the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“It is very difficult to see boys and children dying every day,” she said.

Jaber continued, “It is heartbreaking, so I decided to donate part of my prize money to help the Palestinians.” I can’t be happy with just this win, given what’s happening. “I’m sorry guys, this is supposed to be about tennis, but it’s so frustrating to watch videos every day.”

She added, “I’m sorry, this is not a political message, it is just a humanitarian message.” “I want peace in this world and that’s all.”

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