Egyptian newspapers: “Morocco presents six high-quality stadiums, and the 2025 edition will be special.”

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International newspapers specializing in sports unanimously agreed on the strength of the Moroccan bid that competed to organize the 2025 African Championship.

Foreign newspapers were not the only ones that praised the strength of the Moroccan file. The Arab and African press, for their role, praised what Morocco presented, including Egyptian newspapers.

The Egyptian newspaper Youm7 confirmed through an article that Morocco submitted six international stadiums in its candidacy for Cannes 2025, and it will undoubtedly be a distinguished version.

It was also reported in the Egyptian press: “Morocco’s bid to organize the Nations of Africa 2025 was the strongest and most deserving after presenting 6 high-quality stadiums in terms of infrastructure and their having the specifications required by CAF to host the continental event.”

She added: “The 2025 African Cup of Nations will be held in Morocco at the Moulay Abdullah stadiums in Rabat (66,000 seats), Tangier Stadium (88,000), Agadir Stadium (66,000), Marrakesh Stadium (55,000), and Mohammed V Stadium (66,000 seats). 55 thousand), and the Fez-Kebir Stadium (66 thousand), all of which are equipped with mouse rooms, and the stadiums of Berkane, Oujda, Kenitra, Moulay Hassan and Abdi in El Jadida and Hassan II in Fez have been placed as reserve stadiums.

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