Exciting details.. This is how a deceased person saved Amin Harith’s career from being lost

Moroccan international Amine Harit said that a deceased person saved his career from being lost, after the serious injury he suffered last season during his team’s match, Olympique Marseille, against Monaco in the French League.

Harith said in statements reported by the French website “”: “The surgeon told me that ligaments taken from a deceased person and frozen would be patched, in order to save my football career.”

He added: “I didn’t really understand at first, because we were talking about a dead person, but today I smile even though I would rather take a part of myself than take something from a dead person.”

It remains to be noted that the horrific injury that Harith suffered last season against Monaco kept him out of the field for a long time, and also caused him to miss the 2022 Qatar World Cup finals.

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