France’s national team coach attacks FIFA over the 2030 World Cup

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Didier Deschamps, coach of the French national team, criticized FIFA over the decision to hold the 2030 World Cup in 6 countries on three different continents.

Deschamps said in a press conference yesterday, Monday: “There are certainly three matches that will be held in South America, as they are an exceptional and historic event.”

The “Roosters” coach pointed out that this decision contradicts the principle of equal opportunities, saying: “The South American teams have an advantage over their competitors in these three matches.”

He explained: “The other teams will have to undertake a long travel trip to South America, and then travel again to complete the rest of the tournament matches.”

Deschamps continued: “I do not know who made this decision, but I like that every step is characterized by justice and equality on the sporting and moral levels, and I do not think that this standard exists in this case.”

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