Girona.. Events organizes a football league in memory of the Green March

Heba Press _ Girona

Within the framework of the celebrations commemorating the 48th anniversary of the launch of the victorious Green March, the Moroccan Immigrants Association in Girona and the Castile Cultural and Social Association in the town of Estartit in the Girona Province, with the support and partnership of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco in Girona, organized, last weekend, a sports evening on the happy occasion, with the participation of local teams representing… The two associations.
The organization of this distinguished sporting activity reflects the attachment of Moroccans abroad to the components of national identity and their desperate defense of the homeland’s issues. The celebration of the Moroccan community residing in Girona and its environs on the anniversary of the Green March also expresses the cohesion and mobilization of all components of the Moroccan people at home and abroad to support the just cause of Morocco, stressing that the Sahara issue is Moroccanism is “an issue of existence, not a question of borders,” as His Majesty King Mohammed VI said.
After the playing of the Moroccan national anthem, the sports evening began with the organization of a football league inside the hall in which local teams participated, consisting of members of the Moroccan community residing in the town of Startet. The tournament took place in a festive atmosphere characterized by high sportsmanship and strong competition between the participating teams to win the league title, which ended. The Castille Association team won with a score of 13 goals, compared to 9 goals for the Moroccan Immigrant Association team.
The sports evening was attended by official figures, led by Mrs. Aisha Ibn Al-Alami, Consul General of the Kingdom of Morocco in Girona, Mayor of the Municipality of Estartit, and Director of the Municipal Authority in the same town. In her speech on the occasion, Mrs. Aisha Ibn Al-Alami, Consul General of the Kingdom of Morocco in Girona, affirmed… The importance of celebrating the anniversary of the Green March, through which Morocco was able to complete its territorial integrity. She also thanked the local authorities for their attendance, and the organizing associations for their efforts, and congratulated the winning team and all the participating teams. For their part, the members of the Moroccan community present appreciated the organization of this activity, which is an opportunity for meeting among Moroccans abroad, as well as an opportunity to highlight the talents that the community abounds and its readiness to make all purposeful collective initiatives a success.
At the end of the ceremony, prizes and cups were distributed to the winning teams and souvenir photos were taken on the occasion. A tea party was also organized in honor of the attendees.

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