Great participation in Station 2 of “Women’s Steps to Victory” in Dakhla

Yesterday, Sunday, the city of Dakhla experienced a sporting and festive atmosphere within the second leg of the “Women’s Steps of Victory”, organized by the Royal Moroccan University of Sports for All, under the supervision of the First Ministry of National Education and Sports, and in partnership with the state of the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region, in commemoration of the glorious Independence Day. Which was characterized by intense participation from various social segments and age groups under the slogan “We are running, why did you come?”

In an atmosphere of enthusiasm overflowing with the tunes of patriotic songs, at the forefront of which was the immortal and immortal song “Call of Hassan” of the epic of the triumphant Green March and the national anthem, the start of the race was given from Hassan II Square with the strong participation of the female element, male and female students of educational institutions, along with women from different social strata, including some. Foreign women residing in the city of Dakhla, which is a clear indication of the success of this great sporting event, whether in terms of the intensity of participation, the quality of organization, or the sporting and celebratory atmosphere that characterized this great event.

What made this celebration even more colorful was the participation of the Moroccan Association of Bicycle Ambassadors in this important event with exciting performances that impressed the audience and race participants alike.

The President of the Royal Moroccan University of Sports for All, Ms. Nozha Badouane, did not hide her happiness with the success witnessed by the second leg of the “Women’s Steps to Victory,” as well as the first leg in Nador, on more than one level, expressing her conviction that success will be the ally of the upcoming stations.

Mrs. Badouane expressed her thanks and gratitude to the governor of the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region, the governor of the Oued Eddahab region, Mr. Ali Khalil, the regional council, the territorial community of Dakhla, all those involved, and everyone who contributed, from near or far, to providing the means for the success of this major sporting event, during which the participants shared enjoyable moments among themselves. Either they ran, jogged, or walked, and received full encouragement from the crowds that filled the streets through which the participants passed.

Mrs. Badouane stated that the Royal Moroccan University of Sports for All aims to organize “Women’s Victory Steps” to contribute to spreading the culture of sports practice and spreading its ideal values, including the values ​​of citizenship, patriotism, respect for others, and to contribute to social and professional integration to advance women’s sports and make it a way of life.

At the conclusion of this women’s sporting event par excellence, medals, prizes, and certificates of participation were distributed to the winners who came in first place among the students and in the girls’ and adults’ categories, as well as the oldest participant in the race (85 years), by the Pasha of the city, the regional director of education and training, the regional director of youth, and the director. The regional center for national education, primary education, and sports, and some members of the local authority, as well as the president of the university and some members of her administrative office.

On this occasion, Olympic champion Moulay Ibrahim Boutayeb, winner of the gold medal at the Seoul Olympics in 1988, who was the youngest runner (21 years old) and presented the only gold medal to the Arabs during the tournament, was honored, as well as former taekwondo champion Mounia Bourkik, runner-up to the world champion in the under-73 kg category in Hong Kong and the owner of Fifth place in the Sydney Olympics.

Today, Monday, the Royal Moroccan University of Sports for All will organize a sports convoy at the Guerguerat crossing, and in the afternoon in the Bir Kanduz community, which will include sports, educational and recreational activities and traditional games.

“Women’s Steps of Victory” during the current sports season, in addition to Nador and Dakhla, will include the cities of Smara (March 2), Oujda (March 8), Midelt (April 21), then Rabat (May 12).

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