Hafid Draghi: Algeria will withdraw from the race to organize the African Cup

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The Algerian sports commentator revealed his country’s intention to withdraw from the race to organize the African Cup of Nations finals.

Draghi said in an article published in an Algerian newspaper that the most prominent and urgent decision of the new Algerian Federation office will be to announce its withdrawal from the race to organize the African Cup of Nations finals and focus attention on rearranging the house by adapting the laws to FIFA regulations, resurrecting the technical directorate and paying attention to the youth teams and the league. Professionals, amateurs, and training of coaches, supervisors, and referees.

Draghi accused CAF of deciding the organizing countries for the African Cup in favor of Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria and Benin, continuing by saying, “These defects were made despite all the efforts made by Algeria in building stadiums and facilities and organizing various sporting events in a distinguished manner, such as the Mediterranean Games, the Arab Games, and the two Cup tournaments.” Africa is for locals and under 17 years of age, which cost Algeria a lot of money, a long time and a lot of effort.”

Darji continued with a sigh, “Algeria’s withdrawal from the competition to organize the African Cup of Nations finals will not amount to a retreat from our commitments to the African continent, as much as it constitutes a concession and a strong message from the Algerian Federation to the Confederation of African Football, which did not appreciate our efforts, our role, and our position, and did not give way.” “For the members of the General Assembly to freely and responsibly choose who they deem qualified to organize the continental football event.”

Darji announced his country’s intention to withdraw from the race to organize this continental football event, and presented weak justifications and excuses, instead of acknowledging the failure of the eastern neighbor’s sports system and its failure to organize modest sporting events over the past few years.

Draghi attacked the Confederation of African Football and leveled accusations against it and other brotherly and friendly countries, forgetting or forgetting that these countries have made great strides and were light years ahead of his country in organizing sporting events, unlike his country, which still lacks the most basic conditions and conditions, according to the testimony of those near and far.

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