Hassania Agadir tied with RS Zemamra in the professional tournament

Hassania Agadir tied with its guest, RS Zemamra, with two goals to the same, in the match that brought them together today, Saturday, at the Grand Adrar Stadium in Agadir, within the seventh round of the professional tournament.

Nahdet Zamamra was the first to score through its player Mohamed Habali in the 35th minute, then his teammate Abdelhay Farsi added the second goal in the 37th minute.

During the second half, Tunisian Fadi Ben Shouk reduced the difference for Hassania in the 60th minute, then captain Yassine Rami scored the equalizer in the 78th minute.

This result places RS Zemmara in ninth place with 8 points, while Hassania raised its score to 3 points in 14th place.

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