Hussein Amouta and Jamal Al-Salami conclude the training course for the elite CAF managers

Yesterday, Thursday, October 26, 2023, the training course for elite CAF managers from various African countries was concluded at the Mohammed VI Football Complex.

This training course aims to create a large number of supervisors who will supervise trainer training courses at the African level.

16 trainees from Africa’s elite, including two Moroccans, participated in this course, which lasted for 8 consecutive days. These include Messrs. Hussein Amouta and Jamal Al-Salami, who officially joined this category after passing the exams with distinction.

This course was supervised by a group of football coach training experts from CAF and FIFA, headed by the Director of the Coaches Training Department at the International Federation of Football Associations, Mr. Branamin Ojovic, and the Director of Development at CAF, Mr. Raoul Chibanda, in addition to FIFA and CAF experts, Mr. Maloush Belhassen and Mr. Fathi Jamal, in addition to Mr. Cerami Letsuaka.

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