In solidarity with the children of Gaza, Turkish fans raise a huge banner with a strong message

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Many Arab and international stadiums witnessed direct messages of solidarity being sent to the Palestinian people and to the Gaza Strip, which is currently suffering due to the barbaric bombing launched by the Israeli occupation.

Turkish football fans were among the global masses that sent strong messages regarding the Zionist entity’s attacks on the Palestinians, from which no one was spared, especially in the Gaza Strip.

The fans of the Turkish Konyaspor team stole the show after they sent a direct and clearer message, as they raised a huge banner in the stands of the stadium, showing a picture of a young child, with the Palestinian flag placed, alerting to the necessity of the Intifada for the sake of the children of Palestine.

Konya’s fans wrote on the banner: “Not when they are killed,” in reference to the world’s silence about the massacres committed by the occupation against the children of Gaza.

The solidarity of Konyaspor fans came in the match that their team lost over the weekend to Pendikspor 1-2 in the Turkish Premier League.

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