Injury strikes “Amrabat’s replacement” weeks before the start of the African Cup

Moroccan international Oussama Al-Azouzi suffered an injury during the match in which his team, Bologna, tied with host Sassuolo with a goal to match, today, Saturday, in the tenth round of the Italian League.

Osama Al-Azouzi entered as a substitute in the 69th minute for Bologna, before leaving the field in the 84th minute after sustaining an injury.

The 22-year-old player, Osama Al-Azouzi, is expected to undergo careful medical examinations within the next few hours in order to determine the severity of his injury and determine the duration of his absence from the stadiums.

Al-Azouzi’s injury comes weeks before the start of the African Cup of Nations finals, which will be held early next year in Ivory Coast, as the aforementioned player is considered the first replacement for Sofiane Amrabat in the Moroccan national team squad at the center position level.

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