International Marathon in Casablanca… Temporarily preventing traffic on a number of tracks

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On the occasion of the organization of the 14th edition of the Casablanca International Marathon, the Casablanca Community decided to place temporary no-pass signs on Sunday, October 29, on a number of tracks in the economic capital.

A statement to the group explained that this decision, which is concerned with controlling traffic and movement under the influence of the Casablanca Community’s territory, will enter into force starting at seven in the morning, and ending at one o’clock in the afternoon.

The same source continued that the matter concerns Bouskoura Street – Amalat Street – Omar Khayyam Street – Sidi Abdullah Khalil Street – University Promenade – Mohamed Al-Tayeb Al-Nasri Street – Oued Umm Rabie Street – Sidi Abdel Rahman Street – Abdel Hadi Boutaleb Street – Sidi Abdel Rahman Road. – Atlantic Ocean Street – La Corniche Street – Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah Street – Almohadin Street – Mahaj Royal Army – Mahaj Pasteur – Mahaj Safir Ben Aicha… Moulay Slimane Street – Maamoura Street Moulay Ismail Street – Grand Hizam Street – Bahr Street (Sidi Sufi) ) – AEROPOSTAL Street – Champions Street.

The communication continued that this decision is embodied in legal signs, and its implementation is entrusted to the group and the national security services of the city of Casablanca, each within its area of ​​competence.

According to the communication, this decision comes in accordance with Royal Decree No. 10-07-1 issued on Ramadan 20 (July 7, 2015) implementing Regulatory Law No. 14-113 relating to groups. And in accordance with Royal Decree No. 10-07-1 issued on Safar 26, 1431 (11 February 2010) implementing Law 52-05 relating to the Road Traffic Code.

This decision also comes based on Decree 2/10/420 issued on Shawwal 20, 1431 (September 29, 2010) implementing the provisions of Law No. 05.52 related to the Road Traffic Code regarding road traffic rules. Based on the telegram of the General Director of the Casablanca Company for Activities and Events under number 12511/E dated September 21, 2023 on the occasion of the organization of the fourteenth session of the Casablanca International Marathon.

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