Kitesurf: Moroccans Hamza Adi and Abderrahim Moutawakel qualified

The two Moroccan competitors, Hamza Adi and Abderrahim Moutawakel, qualified for the official competition of the Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan Championship, within the 13th session of the World Kitesurfing Championship (Kitesurf) 2023, following the national eliminations that were held today, Thursday, at Foum El Bouir Beach in the city of Dakhla.

Hamza Adi and Abderrahim Moutawakel qualified as a result of these eliminations, which included the participation of 16 Moroccan skaters, thus joining their compatriots Ali El Bakkali, Menem Maji and Ashraf Bentjar, who benefited from an invitation card granted by the organizers.

The 13th edition of the Kite Surf World Championship, Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan 2023 (September 22 – October 2), will feature the participation of 39 practitioners (26 male and 13 female athletes) who will compete in the Kite Surf Straddles competition. (26 male and 10 female athletes) in the second session of the World Wing Foil Championship.

This sporting event witnesses the participation of an elite group of practitioners representing, in addition to Morocco, the countries of the United States of America, France, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cape Verde, South Africa and Spain.

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