Lakjaa fulfills his promise he made in Parliament… Alkan and the World Cup in the Kingdom

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Months ago, in a parliamentary session, Lakjaa said that a large sports complex would be built on the outskirts of Casablanca, and all Moroccan football stadiums would be repaired to prepare them to organize continental and world championships.

Lakjaa said in the same parliamentary session that Moroccan stadiums will organize the 2025 African Cup matches if our country obtains them, adding that the World Cup matches for which we nominated will be played equally with Spain and Portugal.

Lakqa’s words were quickly picked up by our eastern neighbors at the time, as they were our competitors in the Cannes 2025 organization file, so they moved their electronic flies and their directed and controlled media to promote phrases such as the Kholsa, the kidnapping of the CAF, control, and others.

Lakjaa did not pay attention to the words of the neighbors, and he continued to work hard and persevere under the guidance and instructions of the King of the country, and he achieved what he wanted in the end, the promise he made with the Moroccans was fulfilled, and Morocco first gained the honor of organizing the African Cup after all of Africa voted for it with zero votes. For competing files.

A week after that, King Mohammed VI delivered the good news to his loyal people, the World Cup in 2030 in our country. After that, FIFA President Infantino came out and confirmed that Morocco, Portugal and Spain would be given the honor of organizing the world championship.

Yes, Morocco did it with its true and serving men. Morocco did it with its strong and experienced diplomacy. Morocco did it with field work and not empty talk and the distribution of accusations. Morocco actually did it and gained the honor of representing all of Africa and the Arab countries in organizing the world championship. Congratulations to all of us, and thank you, His Majesty. The King, thank you Fawzi Lakjaa, and thank you to everyone who contributed to achieving this new historical achievement, and there is no consolation for the envious and haters…

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