Lakjaa: Recruits are behind the king to make the 2030 World Cup the best event in the history of football

Fawzi Lakjaa, President of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, confirmed the determination of the countries of the tripartite bid for the 2030 World Cup to organize the best event in the history of football.

Fawzi Lakjaa said during his speech at the press conference to sign the letter of intent: “We are enlisted behind King Mohammed VI in order to organize the best sporting event in the history of football, especially since the 2030 edition coincides with the centenary of the World Cup.”.

It is noteworthy that the Mohammed VI Complex will host today, Saturday, the signing event of the letter of intent between the heads of the “2030 World Cup” bid, which will be organized equally by the Kingdom of Morocco with Spain and Portugal.

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