Lakjaa University supports Saudi Arabia’s desire to run for organizing the 2034 World Cup

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Fawzi Lakjaa, Chairman of the 2030 World Cup Committee and President of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, stated that in implementation of the high instructions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God grant him victory, the Royal Moroccan Football Federation announces its strong and unconditional support for the legitimate desire of the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the bid to organize the 2034 World Cup finals.

Fawzi Lakjaa added, in a statement, that the Royal Moroccan Football League, which has distinguished relations with the Saudi Football Federation, emphasizes the mobilization of all components of Moroccan football, from the core, clubs and veteran players, to support the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s bid, which has all the qualifications. Organizational, sports, infrastructure and tourism facilities, and its ability to organize the largest international events at the highest levels, and is known for a real football revolution that is recognized at the global level, in addition to what is known about the brotherly Saudi people of passion for football, generous hospitality and good reception.

Fawzi Lakjaa highlighted that the Royal Moroccan Football Federation will also work to invest in its distinguished relations with its partners in various football federations, and with the Confederation of African Football and the International Federation of Association Football, in order to provide the necessary support for the Saudi file.

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