Lakjaa: We hope to organize the 2030 World Cup final in Casablanca Stadium

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Fawzi Lakjaa, President of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, revealed that the tripartite meeting between Morocco, Spain and Portugal, to announce the details of organizing the 2030 World Cup finals, will take place on Wednesday, October 18, in Rabat.

Lakjaa stated during his passage on the airwaves of “Radio Mars” radio, on Thursday morning, that “the football family represented in FIFA on its various continents has unanimously agreed that the nomination in 2030 will take place in Morocco, Spain, and Portugal… As I said, 10 days or a week before this global event, there will be a celebration.” “The football family is celebrating the centenary in Uruguay because the first World Cup was held there in 1930.”

Lakjaa added that the official opening ceremony for the 2030 World Cup will be in one of the countries of the joint tripartite organization, stressing that consultations are still ongoing, and hoping that it will result in the final being played on the new stadium in Casablanca, which “will be historic, God willing.”

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