Macron declares: He will not raise the Russian flag at the Paris Olympics

Heba Press _ Agencies

French President Emmanuel Macron announced that the Russian flag cannot be raised during the Summer Olympics, which will be hosted by the French capital, Paris, next year.

Macron said, in an interview with the newspaper “L’Equipe” on Wednesday evening: “Certainly, the Russian flag cannot be present at the Paris Olympics… I think there is a consensus on that.”

The French President added: “Russia has no place when it commits war crimes, and when it deports children… I want it to be a consensual decision by the Olympic world. It is not the host country’s job to decide what the International Olympic Committee does.”

Macron stressed that the Olympic world should decide what place will be occupied by Russian athletes “who have prepared all their lives, and who could also be victims of the system. How to differentiate between complicit Russian athletes and victims of the system, this is the real question.”

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