Mazraoui is at the heart of the storm…a German parliamentarian calls for his expulsion

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The Spanish newspaper “Marca” revealed that a representative in the German Christian Democratic Union party, Johannes Steiniger, called for Mazraoui to be expelled from his club and Germany as a whole, because of his support for Palestine.

Johannes said: “Dear Bayern officials, please expel him (Mazraoui) immediately, and the state must use the capabilities available to it to expel him from Germany.”

The Moroccan star, Nassir Mazraoui, the full-back of the German team Bayern Munich, responded to the media attack directed at him by the German media, saying in a post on his Instagram account, “First of all, I would like to say that it is really disappointing to have to explain… “What I stand for, there is a known position on who is killing innocent people.” He added: “My position is that I will work for peace and justice in this world, and this means that I will always be against all kinds of terrorism, hatred and violence, and this is something that I will always support.”

He continued: I do not understand why people think the opposite about me and why I am associated with hate groups. Today it is not about what I think or what I think. Innocent people are killed every day because of this terrible conflict that has gotten out of control.

He concluded: “We must all be against what is happening. It is inhumane. Finally, I would like to make clear that it was never my intention to offend or harm anyone, consciously or unconsciously.”

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