Mohamed Maqrouf does not know the Adam Azno player or does not recognize the Moroccan press

Heba Press – Rabat

It seems that the official spokesman and media official for the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, Mohamed Maqrouf, is out of coverage or that he does not want to keep pace with the development that the university has reached under the leadership of its president, Fawzi Lakjaa.

Talking about this comes at a time when the media official must be the link between the university and the media in order to deliver information to the sports follower, but the official spokesman only refuses to rebel against the norms and renounce his responsibilities.

Heba Press, as usual, in order to search for information and bring it closer to those who follow the team’s news in all its categories, went to the media official, Mohamed Maqrouf, to inquire about the player Adam Azno and the reason for his absence from the called-up squad, and whether the reason is related to the coach’s choices, or did the player decline to carry a shirt. National team.

However, the response was shocking and surprising, as Maqrouf refused to give any comment on the subject and even evaded the answer by saying that he did not know this player or in which age group he played, and that he had nothing to do with the coaches’ choices.

The same thing was repeated when I asked “Heba Press,” the media official, about the new Casablanca stadium and the capacity of its stands. However, the response did not differ from the previous one, as he replied that he did not know anything about this subject, before we were surprised immediately afterwards by the latter’s media outing with a foreign radio. In this way, he refutes the story “Witness, Don’t See Anything” and confirms his choice in dealing with the media according to their nationalities.

If the university is conducting training courses for the benefit of all its frameworks, employees, and those involved in the game, including for the benefit of media professionals on many issues, it must also focus on the media and communication aspect, especially since we are about to embrace major competitions of the size of the African Cup and the World Cup, and what these demonstrations require. Mobilization at all levels.

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