Morocco is participating with 70 athletes in the first edition of the African Para Games

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Morocco will participate with a delegation of 70 male and female athletes in the first African Para Games, which will be held in Ghana from September 3 to 12, under the supervision of the African Paralympic Committee.

The Royal Moroccan Federation for Sports of Persons with Disabilities stated that Morocco will participate in three types of sports: basketball on chairs (male and female), tennis on chairs (male and female), and football for amputees (male).

The same source stated that the basketball team on chairs is “men”, consisting of Muhammad Guardi, Abdullah Kani, Fouad Al-Musati, Zuhair Shalat, Al-Mukhtar Al-Ghaziwi, Reda Al-Maatawi, Muhammad Barko, Issa Flamb, Bilal Bin Hamman, Mounir Mawjoud and Muhammad Olini, who is in Group D, along with Angola and Congo. democracy.

He added that the national chair basketball team (females), consisting of players Ilham Al-Sabrawi, Doaa Okhintji, Ibtisam Battar, Hiba Bin Shayeb, Hanan Al-Qara, Aisha Al-Darawi, Khadija Mansoum, Malika Bouzaro, Hasna Al-Anq, Nasreen Khattat, Kenza Rahmon and Bushra Rabia, is in Group B with Nigeria and South Africa. And Ghana, noting that the two chair basketball competitions (male and female) are eligible for the 2024 Paris Paralympics.

He added that as for chair tennis (male-female), Morocco will participate in this qualifying competition for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, with a team consisting of Saeed Himam, Hajj Boukartasha, Samira Benishi and Najwa Awan.

Morocco will also participate in the sport of football for amputees (males) with a group that includes Afra Al-Alami, Younes Agdal, Abdelali Al-Haddadi, Mohamed Reda Boulban, Mohamed Dada, Mohamed Al-Hafta, Youssef Al-Sakaf, Mohsen Al-Shaghag, Abdel-Razzak Al-Wardi, Zakaria Azrhoun, Tawfiq Al-Atiqi, Elias Al-Sabi’ and Yassin Obaho, in the group (B) competitions that will take place. It also includes Liberia, Uganda and Togo.

The university confirmed that this competition is an important station for the national team in preparation for participating in the African Championship organized in April 2024 in Cairo.

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