Morocco wins first place in the Muay Thai U23 World Cup

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The Moroccan national Muay Thai team for the under-23 category was able to win first place in the competition during the 2023 Turkey World Cup, which was hosted by the city of Antalya between October 1 and 7.

A statement from the Royal Moroccan Federation for Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Slams and Similar Sports stated that the national elite won ten medals, including four gold medals and three silver medals, in addition to three other bronze medals.

The source explained that the four gold medals went to Akhlouf Kulthum, who was able to win during the final match for the weight category less than 48 kg over her competitor Kenxo Olaha (Austria) with a score of 30 to 27, and Jabour Salma, who was victorious in the final round over her competitor Tanita Plingit (Thailand). With a ratio of 29 to 28, with a weight of less than 54 kg.

Also contributing to this achievement were Al-Talawi Soumaya, who during her final match for the weight category of less than 71 kg defeated Lingu Khan (Vietnam) with a score of 29 to 28, and Khawla Daqali, who in the final match for the weight category of more than 75 kg defeated her competitor, Shaima Soudani (Tunisia). With a share of 30 to 27.

As for the three silver medals, they came, respectively, thanks to Amin Al-Shteiwi after his defeat by a score of 27 to 30 during the final match against Nattapong Pongpan (Thailand) in the category of less than 51 kg, and Ayoub Atudan, who was defeated during the final match of the weight of less than 48 kg against Deong. Dick Bao (Vietnam) with a score of 28 to 29, then Ali Al-Ayoubi, who also lost the final match of over 91 kg to Sherif Wael Mammeri (Algeria) with a score of 28 to 29.

Regarding the other bronze medals, they were won by Muhammad Yassin Mahsoun in the weight category of less than 67 kg, after his defeat during the semi-final round against Muhammad Al-Mardi (United Arab Emirates), while the remaining two bronze medals were won in the World Youth Championship by each of the following: Burhan Jawaher, who lost the semi-final match for the under 60 kg category in the 16/17 year group to Setari Mortada (Iran), then Yahya Al Morsi, who in turn lost the semi-final match in the under 57 kg category for the 16/17 year group to Nattawut Phramkaew (Thailand). .

The report stated that second place during this Muay Thai World Cup competitions was returned to Thailand, after obtaining four gold medals, two silver medals and a bronze medal, while third place was occupied by Ukraine with a total of three gold medals, three silver medals and a bronze medal.

The national elite was technically supervised during this global sports competition by the national coaches: Lahcen Wassou and Mustafa Qutbi, in addition to Othman Al-Wahabi.

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