Neymar: “I expect the Saudi League to become better than the French League.”

Heba Press – Agencies

Brazilian star Neymar, striker of Al Hilal Saudi club and the Brazilian national team, defended the Saudi League and said that it might become stronger than the French League.

In response to a question about how he continues to compete in a league outside Europe, Neymar said: “I assure you that football in Saudi Arabia is the same, the ball is round, and there is a goal, and if you look at the names that went to the Saudi League, I do not know whether it is better than the French League.” or not”.

Neymar added: “I want to win titles with Al-Hilal, my opinion will not change much, everyone said the same thing when I went to France (about competitiveness), and this was the place where I was damaged the most in my life.”

He stressed: “I am sure that it will not be easy to win the Saudi Championship. Other teams have become stronger and have famous players. It will be very interesting and I am sure you will watch it.”

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