Noussair Mazraoui contributes to leading Bayern Munich to a sweeping victory in the German League

Moroccan international Noussair Mazraoui contributed to leading his team, Bayern Munich, to a sweeping victory against its guest, Darmstadt, with eight unanswered goals, today, Saturday, in the 9th round of the German League.

Mazraoui played a key role in today’s match and provided a remarkable performance, as he made two goals in the 51st and 71st minutes.

The match was marked by the referee showing three red cards, the first to Kimmich from Bayern Munich in the 4th minute, while the second and third were directed to Darmstadt players Gasola in the 21st minute and Galica in the 41st minute.

It is noteworthy that this victory enabled Bayern Munich to temporarily seize the lead in the Bundesliga with 23 points, one point behind Bayer Leverkusen.

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