Olympic Committee: No restrictions on the hijab in the Athletes’ Village at the Paris Olympics

Heba Press – Agencies

The International Olympic Committee said on Friday that female athletes can wear the hijab in the Athletes’ Village during the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris without any restrictions, days after the French Minister of Sports banned the wearing of the hijab on the host country’s female athletes.

The body supervising the Olympic movement also said that it needs to better understand the situation in France, and that it is in contact with the French Olympic Committee.

French Sports Minister Emilie Odea Castera said last Sunday that French athletes will be banned from wearing the hijab during the Olympic Games in Paris. Respecting the principles of secularism.

A spokesman for the International Olympic Committee said: “For the Olympic Village, the rules of the International Olympic Committee will apply… There are no restrictions on wearing the hijab or any other religious or cultural dress.”

He added: “When it comes to competitions, the regulations set by the relevant international federation will be applied.”

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