President of Hassania Agadir, “Amin Daur,” reveals his position on resignation

Amine Daur, president of the Hassania Agadir club, revealed his position on resignation after voices calling for his departure rose, in addition to the players’ strike from training due to their failure to receive their financial dues.

Amin Dour said in radio statements in response to a question about his position on resignation: “Why would I submit my resignation?” We came with a new outlook and entrepreneurial thought, in order to keep pace with the development that Moroccan football is experiencing under the leadership of the university’s president, Fawzi Lakjaa.”

He added: “I say it frankly that the tax of change is difficult, and this is what happens to us, and we are not allowed to give up our hands.”

It is known that Hassania Agadir is experiencing a state of tension, as the players went on strike from training for several days due to the failure to receive their dues, and the same applies to the club’s employees, who in turn went on strike in protest against not receiving their monthly salaries.

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