President of the Nigerian University: “Morocco has gained the trust of all voters and is the most worthy of organizing Cannes 2025.”

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The Nigerian Football League published a statement confirming that it will focus its efforts on competing to organize the 2027 edition of the African Cup instead of the 2025 edition, which Morocco is expected to win unanimously.

The presidency of the Nigerian Football League said that the 2025 edition of the African Cup will be deservedly held in Morocco, because Morocco is currently the best and most deserving of organizing it due to the infrastructure and qualifications it has in various fields.

In their joint file, Nigeria and Benin are competing with Senegal, Egypt, and a tripartite file between Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. This is after Algeria’s failure and withdrawal from the organization race due to its prior knowledge of the impossibility of competing with the rest of the countries that excel at it diplomatically, athletically, and also in infrastructure. .

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