Programming Badri Hari’s postponed fight and donating its proceeds to earthquake victims

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Glory Kickboxing Company announced that it had scheduled a date for the fight of Moroccan champion Badr Hari, which was scheduled last month in Paris, before he withdrew in solidarity with the victims of the Al Haouz earthquake.

The company reported that the expected fight will take place on October 7, and an official free live broadcast will be announced on YouTube for Moroccan fans to watch and encourage Badr Hari as he strives to qualify for the GLORY Grand Prix.

In addition, GLORY has committed to donating the profits of GLORY 88 to help those affected by the earthquake, noting that the “Moroccan Fund for the Relief of Victims of the High Atlas Earthquake” and the “Yalla Ta’taouan Association” are the two charities chosen to receive donations.

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