Real Madrid brakes Girona’s strong start and regains the lead

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Real Madrid regained the lead when it curbed the strong start of its Catalan host, Girona, by beating them 3-0, on Saturday, at the Municipal Stadium “De Montilivi” in Girona, in the eighth stage of the Spanish Football Championship.

Joselu, Frenchman Aurelien Chouamini and Englishman Jude Billingham scored the goals.

The Royal Club returned to the lead it lost in the sixth stage by falling to its neighbor and host Atletico Madrid 1-3, achieving its second victory in a row and the seventh this season, raising its score to 21 points, one point ahead of its traditional rival Barcelona, ​​the title holder, who had temporarily snatched it by defeating… Guest Sevilla 1-

Real Madrid regained leadership at an appropriate time, as it was invited to face its Italian host, Napoli, next Tuesday, in the second round of the group stage of the Champions League competition.

Real Madrid equaled Girona in the number of victories in direct confrontations, achieving its third victory against one draw.

The Royal Club brought Girona back to reality, inflicting its first loss this season, which it began with a draw before achieving six consecutive victories. Traditional rival Barcelona has remained alone, undefeated so far this season

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