Regragui: “Facing Tanzania will not be easy… and I have not yet decided on the lineup.”

National voter Walid Regragui said that tomorrow’s match against Tanzania will not be as easy as some imagine, as he stressed that the opponent is extraordinarily motivated to confront the “Atlas Lions,” and therefore the mission will not be easy.

Regragui added in the press conference that precedes tomorrow’s match, which is being held for the second round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, that he has not yet decided on the lineup that he will adopt in tomorrow’s match against Tanzania.

He continued, saying: “We have recovered some players, and there are other names that are still injured… I have not yet decided on the lineup, but I am confident that all the players who will participate in the match will do well to achieve a positive result in the opening of the qualifiers.”

Regragui stressed that the road to reaching the 2026 World Cup finals is still long, adding, “The first stop is facing Tanzania, and our goal is to achieve a positive result at the beginning of the qualifiers and to continue in the same way to end this stage at the top of the group.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “Winning tomorrow does not mean that we will go to the World Cup, and vice versa.”

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