Ronaldo: “I’ll keep playing until my legs tell me I’m done”

Heba Press – Agencies

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, captain of Al-Nasr, commented on the exciting 4-3 victory over Al-Ahly in the seventh round of the Saudi League.

Cristiano said after the match: “We played a good match. We are happy with this result. We knew that we would face a strong and wonderful competitor. The fans helped us.”

He added: “I enjoy football, and the most important thing for me is that the team wins. I still have the desire to do more and score goals.”

The top scorer in the Saudi League continued: “I am not finished yet. I am still scoring and winning, and I will continue playing until I feel my legs telling me that I am finished.”

When asked about Saudi National Day, Ronaldo said: “I consider myself one of the Saudi people. I loved this country. People are good here.”

The Al-Nasr star concluded: “As I said before, this is a wonderful country, and the league is now at the highest level with a wonderful group of players, football is constantly developing, and the amazing Saudi people deserve that.”

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