Saudi player Yasser Al-Qahtani bombs Al-Daraji: “You are trying to put poison in honey, but that is not possible.”

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With a strongly worded message, the Saudi player, Yasser Al-Qahtani, responded to Hafeez Al-Daraji, after he questioned Saudi Arabia’s ability to organize the World Cup.

In a tweet posted on his official Twitter account, Al-Qahtani said: “By God, you know that we know that you know that Great Saudi Arabia can host two World Cups at the same time with complete comfort, efficiency, and creativity, and we know that you know that Great Saudi Arabia can host every participating team.” In one of its governorates, he used his equipment and equipment for more than a month without any negligence, but with distinguished and high quality.”

He added, “Greater Saudi Arabia, thanks to God’s grace and blessings, annually hosts more than three million pilgrims in an area equal to 356,000 square meters, which is the area of ​​the Noble Mosque in Mecca, with all ease and smoothness. Great Saudi Arabia is thanks to God Almighty and without any favors. Rather, it considers it its duty towards Arab brothers, Muslims, or the oppressed.” Countries provide for their people and at the same time continue to develop, grow and renaissance under the leadership of my Lord, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, may God protect him, and His Highness, the Crown Prince, the inspiring and renewing Prime Minister, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and with the help and will of an ambitious and great people.”

As for our Gulf, the Saudi star adds, “Our Gulf is one, inside and out, and we know the extent of their love for us, just as they know the extent of our love for them and the Arab brothers as well, and the leadership and people of sister Qatar know how proud we are and how happy we are with their success in organizing the unique, distinguished and most beautiful 2022 World Cup in history, and it is a success for us as well.” But unfortunately, you are trying to put poison in the honey, but that is not the case. Save your doubts and suspicions for yourself and do not be foolish about what you do not know, for the people of Mecca know best about its paths.”

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